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For the last 30 years a group of fiddlers known as the Idaho Junior Jammer Fiddlers has performed here in Idaho and around the country.  Formed by local music teacher Roberta Pearce the Jammers and her beginning group  the Little Hoedowners perform two annual shows a year, the Country Harvest Hoedown in November and the Country Gospel Hoedown in March.  The groups also spend the months in between performing at events around the area.


Pearce’s fiddle group has traveled far and wide.  They performed at the first President Bush’s Inaugural in Washington D.C.   A little closer to home they were honored to play during the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics and they are a staple at the National Old Time Fiddle Contest in Weiser, Idaho.  In the fall of 2007 the Jammers were asked to perform at Governor Otter’s ranch for the United States-Korean Trade talks.  In February 2008 the Jammers where honored to play during the opening ceremonies of the Special Olympics Winter Invitational Games.  Many Jammers have become State and National fiddle champions at  regional fiddle contests.  “I feel very proud of course,” says Pearce when asked about how she feels when one of her Jammers  places in a contest. “In a sense it’s like that child is one my own children up there competing on that stage.  I just couldn’t be prouder.”

Pearce cares about her community as much as she does about her fiddlers.  Every year she offers free Saturday Matinee tickets to Veterans who live in nursing homes for the annual Country Harvest Hoedown show.  She also schedules the Jammers to play at the State Veterans home and hospital, as well as other local homes during the holiday season.  “When I started 27 years ago I really wanted to bring the art of fiddling into the community,” says Pearce.  “I was really the only young person in Nampa who fiddled, now we’ve got several teachers in our community.  It was my hope to have fiddling recognized as an art, not just as a lost art form.  I am proud that I might have had a part it that.”  On reflecting over what she has accomplished over the past 25 years Pearce sums it up nicely; “I am blessed that God has given me this gift of teaching and that what I have done with the Junior Jammers and Little Hoedowners has been as successful and well received in the Community as it has been.”